Sunday, July 10th

Sunday, July 10th

Today's WOD:

Warm up / Dynamic Stretch

Strength - Front Squat
(Work up to a heavy single)
**Strict form, squat below parallel and no rounding the back on the way up.
**If flexibility is an issue stay light/med and work to a challenging set of five.

Strength - Push Press
(5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 @ 70%-75%)

Grip Strength - 400m Farmer Carry
Choose a challenging weight, takes breaks if needed.
*No running


Joe Fraser

Joe Fraser is co-owner and head programmer of Iron Strong Athletics LLC, home of Iron Crossfit North Brunswick. He is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Kids Certified and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.