Monday, April 20th


"Why Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing?

As body fat testing, rather than simple scale weight, has become "the standard" in this new millennium, Hydrostatic Testing (Underwater Weighing) has become universally regarded by industry experts as the "Gold Standard" in body fat testing."

Check out the fitness wave web site, I recommend that everyone looks into doing this and finding out your real body fat percentage. We'll be having a nutritional seminar as part of this challenge. See how much  you can change your body's composition in 3 months!

If you plan on doing the hydrostatic body fat testing you must sign up this week. The list of available times are in the gym.

This opportunity is available to non members. Just send us a message or email.


Any questions just ask Coach Joe.


Today's WOD:

Strength: Front Squat Program







MetCon WOD: 21-15-9-6-3

Full Clean #155/115

Strict Knees to Elbow


Joe Fraser

Joe Fraser is co-owner and head programmer of Iron Strong Athletics LLC, home of Iron Crossfit North Brunswick. He is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Kids Certified and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.