Wed. April 1st


Stop the negative

Stop the "I can't", the "I'm not good enough" and the "I failed last time".

Don't think in terms of maybe, or probably or possibly. 

You are capable of whatever goals you have.

You can. And you must tell yourself that in no uncertain terms.

You can. And you will.

- Journal Menu

I want to give a shout out to Latoya, I judged her do 15.5. She came in early and wanted to test herself and make up the WOD. 

She had great form on the 65# thruster but it was heavy for her. She struggled through every set and still hit full depth and lockout. She finished in 30:18. 

It's not about the time you finish, it's about the hard work your putting in to accomplish your goals.

That kind of no quit attitude and hard work really inspires me as a coach.

I'm proud of everyone who competed in the CF Open this year! And thanks to all the judges who made our events possible

 - Coach Joe


Today's WOD:

Strength - Power clean + Push Jerk

Work to a heavy single then,

Strength WOD: 8 minute EMOM 

2 Power Clean + Push Jerk @ 85%


MetCon WOD: 12 minute AMRAP

5 Ring Dips

10 Wall Balls 20/15

25 Doubles 




Joe Fraser

Joe Fraser is co-owner and head programmer of Iron Strong Athletics LLC, home of Iron Crossfit North Brunswick. He is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, Crossfit Kids Certified and a NASM Certified Personal Trainer.