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Jimmy Green: 

" . . . I’ve lost over 50 pounds and dropped 3 pant sizes since joining crossfit. I started crossfit at 280 (February of 2016). I’m currently 228.8. According to my wife, since joining Iron Crossfit, I no longer snore at night—which alleviated our concerns of any underlying health issues. As far as my strength and endurance, I’m able to do things I haven’t done in years. I did a back tuck a few months ago at 255 pounds. It has been years since I was able to do a back flip. . . . I'm able to do things I haven't been able to do in years. . . ." Click here to read more!



Never too


"[...] When I casually mentioned this to my friends I was told: You are crazy, CrossFit is too hard, you’re going to get hurt really badly if you do this, and my favorite, you are too old to do CrossFit ."


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Brittany H:


is hard

"[..]I walked in for the first time very scared and timid.  I had the mindset that once I could do one pull-up, I would call it quits and mark it as a success story.  However, once I completed my first WOD, I knew CrossFit was exactly what I needed to achieve the change I desired..."

"[...] I no longer wanted to achieve that “skinny girl” look; I wanted to look fit and be strong. "

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amanda L:

I felt stronger!

"After 14 months at Iron, I am the healthiest, strongest, fittest (not bulky) version of myself. I can do strict pull ups without any assistance and I recently hit a personal best back squat at double my body weight (240 pounds!!)"


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Donna B:

I train

to be


"[...] I no longer “work out” to be “skinny;” I TRAIN to be STRONG."

"[...] Lifting heavy and focusing on proper nutrition [...] has helped me put on muscle and burn fat simultaneously – something that is NOT easy but IS possible."




Sindy R:




    "[...]I have come a long way in the past few months, I have gotten stronger and healthier. [...]       I have also proved myself wrong over and over again lately by being able to accomplish things that just a few months ago I was telling myself "who are you kidding you will never be able to do that." 

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Rachel P:

i enjoy

the challenge

"I have never been this strong before.  Working out at Iron Crossfit on most days makes me feel young again. "

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