I really had come to the point where I thought I would never be able to be as thin as before my 3 babies. I always exercised – running mostly and then a time of p90x. Before coming into the box I had never used a barbell! Cleans and snatches were so confusing to me. RX scared me! It still does but not in the same way. 

I have cleaned 145lbs. – more than my body weight. I do strict pull-ups! I'll never forget when I did a 5 minute plank, and it was all because of the push from the Iron Members. I have never been this strong before.  Working out at Iron Crossfit on most days makes me feel young again. I enjoy the challenge the workouts bring and the push to do better than I did the last time. Scott, my husband, who also works out at Iron, is a huge help to me.  I love talking to him about the workouts, and his perspective is always intriguing.

I saw my appearance change shortly after starting to work out at Iron (a little over a year ago, now). But a significant change occurred when I began keeping track of my calorie intake. It was really hard at the start, but got easy pretty quickly – it was one of the monthly challenges on the Iron CrossFit Challenge Facebook page. Making it to the workouts is not a simple task for me. I am a full-time homeschooling mom. But I have made it a priority to be at the box 4 to 6 days a week. I believe this consistency, along with the great programming of the coaches at Iron, has helped my progress. I love the workouts. And when you see me there just know it is my one break away from my kids! I have very few of those.