Our Member Child Policy is designed to make things as convenient as possible for our members with children but also to ensure a safe and excellent experience for all of our members.  Please be advised that having your children present at the gym is a privilege and not something that is included in your membership. We understand that our policy may be inconvenient for some but the well-being of your children and the experience of all our members are of utmost importance and these policies will be enforced.  We reserve the right to ask you to leave with your children at any time or to ask you to not bring your children into the gym.

1.      Iron does not provide babysitting services and coaches/owners are not babysitting children. 

2.      No children under the age of six (6) are allowed at the box unless they are supervised by an adult (age 18 or older) at ALL times. (A parent with child <6 cannot be working out and supervising at the same time.) 

3.      Although we do not anticipate that any child six years old or older would be in a stroller, strollers are absolutely prohibited in the box.

4.      Children are not allowed on the main floor AT ALL. This means during classes, before, and after classes. Children must stay behind the red line at all times.

5.      All gym equipment is OFF LIMITS to children at all times (other than during official CrossFit Kids classes or events that children have been given specific clearance to participate in). This includes the rigs, rowers, weights, kettle bells, ropes, GHD, foam rollers, ab mats, white boards, markers, lacrosse balls, Wodify, etc. Feel free to bring books, tablets, coloring supplies, non-disruptive toys.

6.      The parking lot area is 100% off limits to children. They cannot play in the lot or in the area by the garbage dumpsters. Our lot is a high traffic area shared by several other businesses. It can be dangerous for a small child playing in this area and Iron Strong Athletics cannot police this area.

7.      It is the parent's responsibility to make sure their child is following our guidelines. You must stop the workout if your child is not following the aforementioned rules.  If a coach asks you to tend to your children and sit out of a WOD during class, you must sit out.  No exceptions.

8.      It is the parent's responsibility to make sure their child has cleaned up after themselves prior to leaving the gym. This includes food, drinks, toys, etc.

9.      The coaches / owners reserve the right to ask you to leave if you or your child is unable to abide by these rules. There will be zero tolerance for haphazard or disruptive activity.

Again, these rules are for safety of the children and the experience of all members.  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.