All new prospective members at Iron must complete a series of Foundations classes before participating in regular Crossfit classes. The Foundations Program focuses on teaching you the proper form for most common Crossfit exercises and movements so that you can safely enter regular CrossFit classes with confidence.   It also provides a fun and challenging workout for beginners and experienced exercisers alike.  We are sure you will be hooked!

Foundations Classes are just $150.00 for 5 one-hour semi-private sessions, with the remainder of the first month of Unlimited Crossfit included upon successful completion of Foundations*.  The Program covers all of the following and more:

  • The Press Series
  • The Squat Series
  • The Deadlift
  • The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk
  • Thrusters & other common Crossfit movements such as Wall Balls

Once you have completed the Foundations Program and the coaches feel you are ready, you will have the option to sign up as a member and attend regular classes.  If you complete all 5 Foundations sessions prior to the expiration of one month, you may join regular classes for the remainder of the month as part of your initial fee.  

**Experienced Crossfitters may be excused from the Foundations Program provided he/she can adequately demonstrate all of the Crossfit moves.**


Simply fill out the form below or contact us directly by phone or e-mail at (732) 659-4798,

You will be contacted and sent a packet with a waiver and medical form to fill out prior to your first Foundations class.

*If you are not ready for the group class or just prefer 1 to 1 personal training, we will develop a specialized workout program to help you improve your fitness and measurable progress to help you achieve your goals. 

  • Personalized fitness program for fat loss and lean muscle gain
  • Sports-specific training (football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, running)
  • Teen Programming

*Graduation from Foundations is left to the discretion of the coaches.

**Call for our personal training rates, which can be purchased in 1- to 3-month packages. 

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