Throughout my two years at Iron CrossFit, I have learned that I am an athlete. I’m not just exercising to lose weight or “tone;” I am training to reach my body’s full potential. Each day I show up and push myself physically, I am pushing myself mentally, too, and gaining confidence. The coaches’ intuitive encouragement help me to realize that I am capable of more if I try. I have become comfortable with being UNcomfortable and, as a result, I am more courageous. These attributes carry over into all the roles I fill – mother, wife, friend, crossfitter… woman. Iron CrossFit North Brunswick has helped me change my body image. Even though my weight has increased since I started training, my body fat percentage has dropped by at least 6%; in the last 3 months alone I lost 10 pounds of fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. I am leaner, faster, and more powerful. Lifting heavy and focusing on proper nutrition (i.e. balancing macronutrients, not just low-fat or low-cal) has helped me put on muscle and burn fat simultaneously – something that is NOT easy but IS possible.