Change isn’t something that happens overnight.  Change is hard, but it is something that you can achieve with the right mindset and determination.

     Throughout my life, I was always slightly overweight, not active and not happy about my overall appearance, which affected my self-esteem greatly.  After college, I decided it was time I do something, so I purchased and completed P90X, Insanity and Focus T25.  I also had a gym membership where I would participate in group fitness classes.  These programs helped me build my cardio and endurance but I hit a wall.  Yes, I lost a few pounds and felt healthier, but I was no longer improving or seeing change because I was no longer being pushed or challenged. 

     I joined Iron CrossFit of North Brunswick in January 2014. I weighed 138 pounds at 5’1’’ tall.   I walked in for the first time very scared and timid.  I had the mindset that once I could do one pull-up, I would call it quits and mark it as a success story.  However, once I completed my first WOD, I knew CrossFit was exactly what I needed to achieve the change I desired and it went way beyond wanting just a single pull-up.  Every workout is constantly varied and challenging in its own way.  Still to this day, WODs never get easier -- I only get stronger.   The real success I’ve had can be seen in my strength numbers.  When I first joined CrossFit, my one rep max backsquat was 135 pounds.  One and a half years later, it has increased to 225 pounds.  When I started, I could not do a single pull-up; now I can do reps of weighted pull-ups.  The CrossFit Open WOD 14.2 involved overhead squats and chest to bar pull-ups.  I scaled to my ability at the time and did 45# overhead squats and used two black and one red resistance bands for pull-ups.  A year later, my score for the same WOD improved significantly.  Not only was I was able to RX the workout with 65# overhead squats and chest-to-bar pull-ups, but I was able to completed 32 reps.  My performance keeps improving as I keep putting in the hard work and dedication.